Trying on lingerie is a deeply sensuous process. What other type of purchase involves you being so aware of your physicality and forces you to be grounded in your body? I love buying lingerie in independent stores, where I am surrounded by beautiful things that awaken my sensuality and womanliness. Imagine: being surrounded by soft materials, touching the fabrics that will soon be against your skin, being  advised by a lingerie expert who will help you find a style and fit it to you. No two women are the same shape, and finding the right lingerie  is therefore a bespoke experience, even if the product is not tailor-made for you. To me, buying lingerie online is a vastly inferior experience. There is great excitement in opening a package but for a truly satisfying shopping experience, I want to feel like a queen, to be pampered, to have people making a fuss over me. This type of customer service is only available in a shop, studio or atelier.

IMG_20190418_114329.jpgAnother reason to be in a shop is that sometimes you just don’t notice a brand’s uniqueness until you see it up close. I was aware of Beija London and I love their quirky campaigns on Instagram, but I wasn’t immediately struck by the lingerie styles as being “me”. However, Julie, the manager of the new Beija store in funky new shopping destination, Coal Drops Yard, invited me to come in for a visit and I am so glad that I did. I now have more lingerie to recommend to women of the world: the women who are not lingerie bloggers or exhibitionists – the 99% of women who want to wear comfortable, stylish, high-quality underwear every day.

Sisters, Abbie and Mazie, are behind the Beija London brand, and design all their products in their West London workshop. All bras come in 3 sizing categories within a particular style – X, Y and Z. Each of the size categories share the same fabric and style accents within the range, but differ in important features to suit the requirements of that bust size. For example, the X range is for small busts, and are always wire-free, while the Z range is for DD-G cups and consists of more supportive features. Whilst it has been fairly common for some time for some lingerie brands to feature 2 styles within a range for different bust sizes, I have never come across a brand that makes 3 variations in each range.


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