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Introducing Vibease Jewel Collection – RUBY Vibrator

Sensually contoured to tease and entice, Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby’s slim and pliable double-tongued tip promises to embrace your clitoris in between its soft folds with powerful vibrations for the perfect pinpoint pleasure you never knew you needed.

Vibease brings your relationship closer than ever!

Vibease Tutorial – How long distance remote control works

How Vibease long distance remote control works

Not sure how Vibease vibrations are synced to our audio books…? Learn all about it in 75 secs!

[AUDIO EROTICA] New Release: Humping Sounds – InMyHands

Try it out:
More titles available at: Vibease SMART vibrator syncs with audio erotica for a truly immersive sexual experience. Let your fantasy come to life… Your pleasure does not need to be solely imaginative anymore.

Vibease: Wearable Smart Vibrator that makes Fifty Shades of Fantasy comes to life

Vibease wearable smart vibrator controlled by Android & iPhone. The immersive experience makes your fantasy comes to life. The next level pleasure experience.

Nipple Clamp Comparison

Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Vice
Spartacus butterfly clamp

Vibease – Fantasy Comes To Life (Use headphones for 3D audio)

Vibease, the smart vibrator that brings fantasy to live. Vibease creates an immersive pleasure experience with a wearable vibrator that vibrates in sync with audiobooks. When the voice says “I’m touching you softly”, it vibrates softly and when the voice says “I’m touching you hard”, it vibrates hard. Like in the real intimacy, the user will experience surprises and anticipation.

All you need to know about Vibease… In 60 secs!