Lara Intimates

This set has been gifted to me by Lara Intimates for the purpose of a review which has been written with utmost honesty.

The Brand

Lara Intimates is an all-female company in London #winning and if that hasn’t already earned your support they pride themselves on offering the worlds most inclusive size range, while also being sustainable by using only deadstock fabric.

All items are made in house by their seamstresses who are making bras and panties for us 4 days a week. Sure the average waiting time from placing your order until it’s completed is roughly 2 months but knowing it was in a great working environment for women, I’m ok with waiting on that.

The Details

A supportive wire-free bra that isn’t a sports bra? At first, I was sceptical at how much support this bra could really give. After all, it was a bralette and as much as I love bralettes they are reserved for my summer wardrobe and lounging around the house.

I think we have all fallen prone to having to run for the bus in a bralette and um it hurts.

Lara Intimates

This is the “Clio” bra and I chose it purposely for its thick straps as I wanted to wear this bra all day. Especially for the warmer weather coming up and on my upcoming trip to Asia.

I’ve been testing out the bra for the past few weeks, wearing it for long periods to see if it could stand the test. Here are my thoughts.

Lara Intimates

As much as I like it, I don’t love it. The bra band is sturdy and comfortable and the cups are surprisingly supportive. I absolutely love the style of the thick straps and that they have a little foam padding in them (sizes DD-I).

But sadly the straps, however, are the issue for me, they need to be a little longer. The padded area sits a little too high up and by the end of the day, I get a ring indented on my skin as the strap sits a little too high on my shoulders.

I’ve worn it with the bra straps both half and fully extended so there is nothing else I can do to make them feel better. So I have reserved this bra for shorter days. It would have been really nice to feel the softness of those padded straps sitting a little lower.


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