POW! The first words that definitely came to mind when I saw this atmosphere. It’s a good size and it’s just enough silicone drag to make you feel great. I’m talking about Babeland’s G4 Big Boss Vibe for this review. I was so excited to get this and I don’t believe I could have opened the paper and box more quickly when the box arrived. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the directions well and wasn’t able to figure out how to charge this. This was my first rechargeable atmosphere, and I was certainly impressed. I didn’t believe a toy would be nice without batteries or plugged into the wall, but that’s certainly what it was. I was certainly prepared to try this out, measuring in at 9 3/4′′ long and 1 3/4′′ wide. Boy, I was disappointed with the reality that I had to wait.

I wasn’t able to figure out how to charge this for my life. The instructions are very small, and on how to plug this in there was no definite direct direction. There was no port to plug in anything, and only a few metal prongs were the charger. I attempted and attempted to find out how this was to be charged. Help from another buddy after 1/2 hour. When we realized that the word “FUN” on the toy’s front was metal, not silver color, we both felt really stupid, and that’s how you charge this toy. Well, for a lengthy charge, off the toy came to the bedroom and for a couple of hours my impatience had to sit still.

Finally, it was time to try out one of the long-awaited toys. The toy’s weight really surprised my partner and I, but how easy it was to use. With this, you can use lube, but only water lube, as silicone lube breaks down this as it is a silicone toy of 100 percent. Well, they’re saying 100% silicone, but plastic and metal is the handle. I enjoy how the handle is a loop handle rather than just something to hold on to. It produced it much easier to thrust soooooo. Having the excitement of using this toy, I have to say, we didn’t need any lube at all.

Very incredible feeling, and great filling helped me. The G4 Big Boss is a excellent boss to also be able to work to fist. The duration of this was incredible, and this head was shaped like a real head of the penis. The silicone was incredibly firm yet pliable, so when thrusting it didn’t hurt. However, this is one of those toys you’d definitely want to use if you’re not used to bigger toys. It’s not the size of your ordinary toy, with the girth being 1 3/4′′. You want to be cautious about touching the cervix, you can cause damage, or permanent damage to the body, as with any toy. This toy can be used on an annual basis, but I would suggest using a condom unless this is the only way to use this toy. This toy can’t be worn as a plug, but within the rectum it doesn’t really have the chance to get lost. For that chance this toy is a tad bit too large.

The checks were quite user-friendly. The buttons are on the handle and activated by contact. You don’t really have to push hard to get them to answer. They light up so that this can be used in the dark. You’ve got a+ sign, a sign, and a* button sign on the handle. The toy can be turned on by the star sign and the plus sign. When held down, the minus sign turns off the toy, bringing it down to the smallest environment and off. The plus sign improves the toy’s intensity. The star sign shifts to the toy’s patterns. Yes, there are even patterns in this toy. They are patterns that I haven’t seen in another toy, honestly. Neither are they your ordinary ones. The patterns are as follows: bzzzzzz, heavier bzzzzzzz, bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz, 3 fast bzz repeat bzz, and greater bzzz than start over.

The big boss of the G4 isn’t noisy. Through a blanket it could be heard but not through a gate. Sadly, after a little bit, the largest setting can start numbing your hand. We chose to use this toy without the vibrations because with the ridges along the toy’s length, the toy itself had more than enough feeling. The penis head also strokes the correct G spot, and if used well can cause the correct individual to squirt.

The funniest part of this toy was when my partner chose that she would simply not be able to see what the toy felt like. Then she herself thrust the toy inside of me. The feeling of OMG was incredible and it didn’t hurt at all. This toy was strong enough to do double vaginal penetration with but pliable enough. She said she also had a great sensation for her. The toy did not hurt her skin, nor did it hurt when she thrusted.

I would offer this toy a 4 out of 5 stars overall. Only because the instructions on how to charge this were not evident, which had little impact on the stars. The main reason this in stars went down is the fact that this toy causes the sensations of hand numbing. I hate it in a toy, and it makes me want to use less of the vibrations. I enjoy toys that are in the toy’s head or body and less in the toy’s grip.

I’d suggest this toy and suggest it to friends.