I get asked this quite a lot by friends who have just entered the wonderful world of lingerie. How do you wash your lingerie? or can I just throw it in the washing machine in a wash bag? I just want to clear the air, your lingerie is not something that is dirty and needs to be heavily washed to be clean, it is not in contact with anything other than the inside of your clothing..most of the time.

Lingerie washing can be daunting for some, I guess it’s more of an “I have no time” issue. So I want to share with you how I keep my pretties clean. Sure you can throw it in the washing machine in a wash bag. But why would you want to? Knowing how much you’ve just spent on it, or if you’re like me how long it took you to finally hunt down that piece to complete your set. This is where I get nerdy! I quite enjoy doing my hand washing, I’ve got the music playing and it gives me the time to really get a feel and look at all the intricate details up close. I find it therapeutic.

My laundry liquid of choice is Eucalan delicate wash and if you haven’t tried it I suggest you do. It’s a total time and water saver, it’s environmentally friendly and it keeps my lingerie smelling beautiful. Eucalan is a no-rinse washing liquid for delicate items, it comes in a selection of scents and an unscented one for sensitive skin. My personal favourite is Wrapture which is jasmine-scented, I love that it comes in a small 100ml bottle which is great for me as I travel often and can pick more up along the way. Usually, the 500ml bottle lasts me a year or almost, so it’s definitely worth the price. Single-use sizes are also available if you wanted to see which one you like best.

When washing your lingerie I have one simple rule which gets broken time and time again. Don’t let the lingerie pile up! Wash it weekly, that way you have enough for a handwashing pile but not too much that procrastination starts to kick in.

How I Wash My Pretties


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