Fingertip vibrators are one of the best masturbators for women. It is popular not only because of its silky, small and portable features but because of what it gives beyond women expectation. These handy vibrators have many ways of using it. It is small but terrible because it can produce an intensifying vibration. These are some ways on how to use fingertip vibrators.

Solo Masturbation

For women who love using their fingers and hands for self-pleasuring it is better to use finger vibrator. Finger vibrator will add spice to your daily sex routine. You can put the vibrator on top of your finger for the vibration of your whole fingers, or use it under your finger then start pleasuring yourself.

Couple Masturbation

More pleasure for both of you if the other partner will holds the vibrator and start pleasuring the other one. The more you experiment it to your partner the more you will have fun. There are finger vibrators that fit for couples and it is up to you on which toy you will use.

Blow Job

Make blowjobs extraordinary using finger vibrators. Put the vibrator on the shaft of the penis and let the vibrator help create sensation. The vibrator will make the penis more firm and produces lots of orgasm.
Anal Session. Putting the vibrator on your anal will make you ready for more. It is better to use if you are a first timer in anal playing. The vibrator will give your anal a different satisfaction that you want. Anal vibrator will produce intensifying vibrations that will make you ask for more.


You may get your desired stimulation if you use fingertip vibrators. Fingertip vibrators will add spice to your sex session. Your hand is busy touching your partner’s flesh the other one will use the vibe for an additional stimulation.


Finger vibrators may be substitute of your tongue on pleasuring your vagina. The finger vibe gives exact satisfaction as what your tongue gives. On the other hand, you may also combine your finger vibrator with your tongue for more pleasure.

Variety in finger vibrators

The finger vibrators will be an addition to penetration. It is not just for women but also for men. The penetration that it gives will add excitement to you and to your partner. There are different kinds of fingertip vibrators. There are varieties of colors, sizes and details. It is important if you know what kind of vibe you want to use and what kind will give you comfort.

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