Glass Sex Toys

It’s my goal to collect the whole line of Icicles, like Pokemon. I realized I had to share their Glass sex toys page with you all when I came across this site (no pun intended). It’s a complete Icicles website! I’ve been to heaven!

And this is this website’s wonderful thing. You will discover scratch off tickets and you will disclose a unique code off your order when you drag the dime over the scratch off. I got $25 or more 10 percent off, which makes this $41.40 dildo. That’s nearly $10 off other websites I’ve seen on!

Most glass dildos are produced of inorganic and non-metallic borosilicate glass. In my view, this is wonderful because they’re so easy to wash! They are generally smooth and non-porous, so you can use cleaner on them with soap and water or toy and you don’t have to worry about ruining them. You can use any kind of lube you want as well. My favorite types of lube are based on silicone, but this can not be used with silicone toys owing to their possible destruction.

Now, when I spoke about them, I had one individual crying at the thought of glass toys. To quote her, “When Bruce Willis walks across the broken glass in his naked feet, you know that scene in Die Hard? My vagina is thinking of that scene. “When she told me that, I laughed so hard.

The thing about glass sex toys is they are very difficult and have a high resistance to chemicals and mechanical strength. It works well with changes in temperature and can handle one or two drops. If it were to break, instead of shattering or splintering, it would break into pieces, so there is no worry that your vagina will have to walk through broken glass. Your body is also much softer than the glass, so you break it while masturbating, little to no change. I know, I thought these same things when I first heard about glass toys, so it’s not uncommon, but it’s just a fear that doesn’t hold any weight. Glass is my favourite material for sex toys now!