For most of my grown-up life, I’ve had trouble with body image. My body image. I come from an Asian background so it was always normal to be told I was too skinny or too fat. Being skinny was supposed to be taken as a compliment. So it’s always been hard for me to accept my body the way it is but I’m trying every day.

How many times have you bought something you saw in a catalogue because it looked great on the model, only to put it on and have buyers remorse? Way too many times. So this is an appreciation post to those women behind these brands, the women shaping the way we see lingerie today. And though more brands are claiming to empower women here are the few that stand out and make me feel good enough. I’m glad to say that I’m not growing up in this day and age where you cannot escape mainstream media. There are so many beauty standards which all lead to the “ideal” female form. I know so many women who aspire to look like the women they see in magazines or social media and I can’t disagree more. Purely because everyone’s body types are different, there is so much retouching done yet we are still obsessed with attaining this image.

The reason I started my blog was with hopes that it would be seen by the younger generation and expose them to a different form which is not advertised as the “Ideal” body type. So in hopes of diluting these unattainable beauty ideals, I’ll continue to put my body out there.

What I admire most about the lingerie industry are the brands that take the chance to be inclusive to all ages, body types and ethnicities. After all, lingerie is for everybody. It’s so refreshing to see lingerie on bodies you can relate to.

Here are some of the brands that bring me sunshine.

Tisja Damen

Inspired by the elements of nature Tisja Damen tells stories through her campaigns. Her designs are handmade in Europe and worn by a diverse circle of women. She has proven that each woman has a unique beauty regardless of age or ethnicity.

Lonely Lingerie

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