Lingerie As Outerwear: Isabel Kang Favourite Styles

A lot of people see lingerie as inherently sexual. This makes sense, that’s often how it’s marketed. For some people, it’s why they wear lingerie. Young girls are often scolded for having visible bra straps, because it’s seen as inappropriate to have your underwear visible. I completely disagree with this premise. Lingerie is not inherently […]

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Review of the Cats swimsuit by Boys+Arrows

I promised this review a while ago. Actually I feel quite ashamed getting to it by the end of September when summer is over and most of you are probably packing your swimwear away to the back drawer. Well, I prepared a defence on it, learnt it by heart, rehearsed and now I can write […]

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Fifi Chachnil – Candy Coloured Doll

Fifi Chachnil

The Brand

Fifi Chachnil is a brand that makes you feel like like a doll, a Fifi doll! And if you are ever graced with her presence you will see that no one represents the brand better. Style-wise it’s very much frou-frou sixties, pastel and bubblegum hues. Her designs are floaty and are made for singing, dancing, twirling and frolicking. Just like Fifi herself. Most of the Fifi Chachnil items are made in Paris at the atelier on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Fifi Chachnil

The Details

I’m wearing the “Cocktail” bra which is available in sizes 85B-95D. Though the brand does offer custom orders if your size and style are not available. This set comes in an array of colours such as pink, black, chamade and red but I fell in love with the violet colourway which was part of the FW18 collection. A full-coverage bra which is made of nylon adorned with white lace trimming and features a dainty little white bow placed at the centre gore.

Fifi Chachnil
Cocktail Bra €149
(approximately $240 aud)
Fifi Chachnil

I purchased the bra in my usual size, 34D but with this style, I find I could have gone a size down. I’m quite ok with the cups but a smaller band could fit a little more snug. I would definitely suggest going down in the band if you are interested in purchasing the cocktail bra in the same fabric.

What I especially loved about this design are the thick straps. The straps are soft but durable, and they don’t leave indents on my skin at the end of the day, I also don’t have to re-adjust anything as the sliders stay in place.

I’ve worn this bra quite a few times for long periods and it’s really comfortable to wear all day, I forget that I’m wearing anything. I also love the sheerness of the fabric. It makes it a perfect bra for the warmer weather, but wear with caution as the fabric is very delicate it can easily be snagged by your nails or jewellery.

Fifi Chachnil

Look at these cuties, the “Allons Bon” culottes are a full bikini style brief that features a gathered skirt. I love this style and chose them because I’ve yet to have anything similar in my lingerie collection, and they are really fun to wear.

Fifi Chachnil
Allons Bon culotte €123
(approximately $198 aud)


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Wedding dresses without the cohabitation

I confess that I often fantasise about my dream wedding dress for a hypothetical wedding of the future. It’s a ridiculous fantasy for all sorts of reasons. Reason 1: I’ve been married and it was not a success. Reason 2: I don’t like hosting big parties. Reason 3: I have too many friends and I would either have to invite all of them or none. Reason 4: I see no reason for anyone, but especially me, to get married. Reasons notwithstanding, any woman who likes clothes, regardless of her views on marriage, wants the excuse to wear a sumptuous, lavish gown and draw gasps from passers-by, dazzled by her goddess-like beauty.

To be fair, it’s not marriage that I recoil from; it’s that ghastly boner-killer – Living Together – that really puts me off.


It’s easy to see why co-habitation is so tempting. When you’re in the “in love” phase, you just want the convenience of being able to shag any time, whenever you feel like it. You yearn for the sound, the sight, the scent, the omnipresence of your lover. Co-habitation is, however, a nasty shock to most people who have lived independent lives. We all have different standards of housekeeping, and idiosyncrasies which may seem adorable at first, but soon get old. I’m not a clean freak but I do insist on fully rinsing the toilet brush before I put it back in the holder. I have evenings where I just want to watch drag queens putting on make-up whilst eating a bowl of Coco Pops. I don’t want to bring my A-game all the time when I’m at home. In fact, to be truly authentic to myself, I want the freedom to be my worst self – my laziest, most indulgent, selfish, unpolished, badly-dressed self.

The death of erotic desire in long term relationships is well-documented, but it’s mostly in LTRs where the parties are living together. As Esther Perel sagely instructs, there is a paradox in intimacy. Too much intimacy kills eroticism. Desire needs distance. None of this has anything to do with love And the distance between two separate homes (in the same town) is probably perfect. It’s nice to have some one to share the joys and pain of life occasionally, such as taking out dead pigeons the cat has brought in or changing a king-size duvet. But the part-time spouse is there for that. At his home, he gets to fart, burp and wear his underwear two days in a row. When he visits, he changes his underpants and brings flowers.


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Trickle, Tinkle, Torrent

Our bodies are in a state of constant flux – some things get worse, and we get old, and other things improve with age. I’ve learned that the way we experience sexual pleasure is never static. We may think that this is the way we like sex, this is the way we reach orgasm, but change one thing (often the partner) and our whole sexual experience changes.


I’m living my sexual peak right now. It’s been steadily building over the last 5 years since I got divorced. I became multi-orgasmic when I met my current partner. I mean that, with him, I never have only one orgasm – always at least 5. He always asks, “Is Madame fully satisfied, or does she require more orgasms?” Now, one more miracle has happened. I can report that I am now officially, a reliable, regular member of the squirting brigade! I had always hoped that one day I would become a squirter, but I thought that after reaching the age of 45, if I hadn’t really squirted (there were a couple of times in the past when it may have happened but I couldn’t repeat the experiment), then I could probably never claim the squirting badge. Now, it happens predictably when conditions are right – and I’m talking about proper gushing of anything from one shot glass to half a cup of liquid here – and I couldn’t be happier! I also have to launder a lot more towels…

Copyright @pigolin, inspired by my dirty fantasies

Most women, and men, are fascinated by the almost mythical phenomenon of female ejaculation. Porn would have us believe that squirting is a regular, natural thing for all women. This, in turn, leads less experienced lovers to try to make every women squirt and then feel disappointed if they don’t. Anecdotally, most men tell me that it’s quite rare. I’ve seen friends at sex parties gush and it’s been quite a spectacle to witness. But what exactly is squirting all about? Where does the liquid come from? If it’s not urine, what is it? Do all women have the capacity to squirt? So many questions, so much myth. And so little research.


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[Lingerie Wardrobe] Daria Generalova, enterpreneur and marketing specialist

Lingerie wardrobe is a section where different characters who share their love for lingerie tell about their most favourite things and what inspires them. Our guest today is Daria Generalova, enterpreneur and marketing specialist. “I always loved lingerie. Since my university years when I was jobless and penniless and eyed the shop windows patiently waiting […]

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Beija London – a lingerie destination

Trying on lingerie is a deeply sensuous process. What other type of purchase involves you being so aware of your physicality and forces you to be grounded in your body? I love buying lingerie in independent stores, where I am surrounded by beautiful things that awaken my sensuality and womanliness. Imagine: being surrounded by soft materials, touching the fabrics that will soon be against your skin, being  advised by a lingerie expert who will help you find a style and fit it to you. No two women are the same shape, and finding the right lingerie  is therefore a bespoke experience, even if the product is not tailor-made for you. To me, buying lingerie online is a vastly inferior experience. There is great excitement in opening a package but for a truly satisfying shopping experience, I want to feel like a queen, to be pampered, to have people making a fuss over me. This type of customer service is only available in a shop, studio or atelier.

IMG_20190418_114329.jpgAnother reason to be in a shop is that sometimes you just don’t notice a brand’s uniqueness until you see it up close. I was aware of Beija London and I love their quirky campaigns on Instagram, but I wasn’t immediately struck by the lingerie styles as being “me”. However, Julie, the manager of the new Beija store in funky new shopping destination, Coal Drops Yard, invited me to come in for a visit and I am so glad that I did. I now have more lingerie to recommend to women of the world: the women who are not lingerie bloggers or exhibitionists – the 99% of women who want to wear comfortable, stylish, high-quality underwear every day.

Sisters, Abbie and Mazie, are behind the Beija London brand, and design all their products in their West London workshop. All bras come in 3 sizing categories within a particular style – X, Y and Z. Each of the size categories share the same fabric and style accents within the range, but differ in important features to suit the requirements of that bust size. For example, the X range is for small busts, and are always wire-free, while the Z range is for DD-G cups and consists of more supportive features. Whilst it has been fairly common for some time for some lingerie brands to feature 2 styles within a range for different bust sizes, I have never come across a brand that makes 3 variations in each range.


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Lara Intimates – Style and Sustainability


Ava Bra and briefs

I’ve been roadtesting the Ava bra by Lara Intimates for 2 long days and I can honestly say this is the only bra I’ve not wanted to shed at the end of a day. In fact, I truly forgot I was wearing a bra at all. Soft, double-layered mesh, no under-wiring, but yet you definitely wouldn’t call this a bralet because it is far too supportive and well-constructed.

Lara Intimates, a small independent lingerie brand, reached out to me to collaborate with them. I immediately fell in love with the sustainable ethos of the brand. They only use dead-stock fabrics to make limited runs of their products, and they make your bra to order, thereby ensuring absolutely no wastage. Their bras come in 60 sizes, yes you heard it right, SIXTY SIZES, making their sizing the most inclusive of any lingerie brand (26A to 36I). The images they use to market their brand show women of diverse body types and breast size. Finally, this all-women company has embraced the four-day work week, for the health and well-being of their employees. How different these values are to the profit-driven priorities of most companies which look only to drive growth and revenue margins at any cost. Enlightened companies look to other performance metrics, like the happiness and personal growth of their workers, and the impact of what they do on the planet.

None of those lofty values would count for much if they didn’t also produce beautiful, wearable garments. This is everyday, simply-styled, capsule-wardrobe lingerie. The sort you need for most days of the week. My followers may think I wear “occasion” lingerie all the time, but I actually need comfortable, practical lingerie too!  I just don’t want to shop with the big retailers, which is why this brand is such a gem to me. The Ava bra has a clean, minimal look, with straps that can be worn two ways. When worn in the cross back style, I think it gives a little nod to my signature “fierce” style. Other styles like the Wren, Clio and Quinn are also simple yet stylish classics at reasonable prices. Three styles of briefs coordinate with all the bras, and colours vary depending on the availability of fabric stock.


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[Lingerie Wardrobe] Laura, founder of the Morning Madonna blog

Lingerie wardrobe is a section where different characters who share their love for lingerie tell about their most favourite things and what inspires them. Our guest today is Laura, founder of the beautiful lingerie blog Morning Madonna. Carrie Knickers by Hopeless Lingerie Hopeless was my first real taste of luxury lingerie. I discovered the brand […]

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