How Big is The Sex Toy Industry?

In the earlier 2000s, when we first started seeing sex toys everywhere, people didn’t know that this industry would be sky-rocketed only 18 years from now. Just like the Porn Industry, the Sex Toy industry is continuing to grow further and expand its horizons. If you’re still doubtful about the money in this business, Susan Colvin, co-founder of AMNE said that the industry is currently around $15 Billion. Pretty unbelievable, right?

How did the Industry Take Off So Fast?

At first, the public’s perspective of these toys wasn’t exactly positive. But, Hollywood helped a lot to change the opinion of people about these toys. For instance, Sex and the City and its portrayal of the Jack Rabbits urged people to try these sex toys and they started selling like hot cakes.

Another fair example would be the modern day 50 Shades of Grey. This movie not only opened some people’s mind, it also introduced the world to bondage and the fun of it. Sex toys wouldn’t be where they are if these two movies didn’t contribute to raising the awareness about it.

So, what do we expect of the market and sex toys? We’re no experts but Colvin also stated that by 2020, the industry will be propelled to $50 Billion. We don’t know if this will be the case but, judging from how fast these toys sell out, that expectation might just be an understatement.


Do Oral Sex Simulators for Women Even Work?

We might be decades away from sex robots, but we’re slowly replacing men with toys that can do the same thing much better. Vibrators and dildos were one thing, but one thing that the sex toy industry was lacking was something that can offer oral sex. But, not anymore; ORA 2 from LELO is a great alternative for oral sex. Many people argue that these oral toys don’t work, but this is one that’s bound to do the job pretty well.

Introduction to ORA 2

The ORA 2 doesn’t look anything like a sex toy. From the look of it, it seems like something women would wear as a ring. But, nonetheless it is one of the best toys ever made. The little thing is meant to mimic the feel of a tongue on your vagina. Beneath the little part which we call the tongue, there is a motor that swirls beneath the silicone. As it revolves around, it moves the silicone as well. The soft silicone feels just like the tip of the tongue and is the best thing LELO has ever made.

The ORA 2 also has the revolutionary hardware from LELO called the SenseTouch. The toy detects how hard you’re pushing the toy and it create vibrations accordingly. So, long story short, every woman needs to get this even if they don’t use sex toys. It can also be used as an addition to your pre-existing sex life.

A Vague Introduction to the Wonders of Kink

Defining the word is a little bit difficult. So, to make this sex lesson easier, we’ll use a metaphor. Consider a pizza. The crust and the beef is the foundation of a pizza; which is the sex in this metaphor. But, to make it more exciting, we use cheese, olives, pepperoni and quite a few other things to spice it up a bit. Kink does for sex, what toppings do for a pizza. You might get sick of eating the same classical pizza, at this point you experiment with toppings. If your sex life is like the pizza; dull and boring, then a cocktail of kink might just freshen up the mood. history of sex toys

Kink is basically the unorthodox, unusual activities that we all are guilty of hoping for in our sex life. There are all kinds of kinky stuff you can do; the ones we can recall would be bondage, threesomes (or fours if you’re into that), humiliation and slavery. All of these “tricks” are really good to add some flavor to a lackluster sex life. best erotic audiobooks

To conclude this topic, we’ll say that don’t be afraid of expressing your opinions to your partner. There’s a chance that they might also be longing for something extra. Tell them that you’re looking to notch it up a bit.

List of Kinks


What’s the best vibrator for married couples?

When it comes down to sex in marriage, things can tend to get a bit boring after a while. The same positions, layout, atmosphere and so on. Many married couples tend to drift apart both in and out of the bedroom because things simply got to plain or bland.



How to choose the best vibrators

This is when things can go two ways, either allow the marriage to drift apart, or get creative and start trying new an adventurous things. By introducing sex toys into a marriage, not only is it something different that can spice up the bedroom life, but it can also be a new way to connect yourself with your partner. The sex toys can be used for either him, her or both, either way it can help the two of you become closer with the other in an exciting and intimate setting.  Make sure you choose the best sex toys for your needs.  Trying a vibrator is usually the first step.  Look at this guide to find the best vibrator for your needs.  Top rated vibrators can be found here.  Popular types of vibrators are the Rabbit Vibrators and Pocket Rocket vibrators.  Personally, the Lelo Mona 2 is my favorite. If you’re looking for something a little bit different check out njoy pure plug review and unboxing.



How to use a vibrator?

You may find that there are times when watching your partner using the sex toys, or even when you are using a sex toy on your partner, that you have an overwhelming sense of closeness. You may even feel closer and more in tune with your partner than you ever have before.  You can find out more about vibrators at

Sex toys were designed to provide pleasure and excitement each time they are used with your partner. By using sex toys in your marriage, you may also gain a better understanding of where your relationship is headed. finger vibrator

The use of vibrators in a marriage

There are many types of sex toys out there for both him and her, or even both depending on the direction you find your relationship going. If you’re not fully sure about this new activity in the bedroom, starting off slow with an adult game and some smaller toys would be a good start.  Try for the history of vibrators.

Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Talking with your partner about the idea will help both of you gain an understanding of how to begin introducing something new into the bedroom. Figure out what each would be comfortable with trying, and go from there to see where it leads. Just remember, it’s supposed to be fun and pleasurable for both of you.

Easy Ways to Purchase Sex Toys and Other Intimate Stuff

Not all people are comfortable purchasing sex toys, lingerie, and other racy stuff in public stores. Here are some tips to make your buying experience more comfortable:

Go drive-through

Drive through is not just for fast food restaurants. Now drugstores are also offering this service for people who are on the go. If basic sexual items such as condoms and lubricants are what you need, then just drive through and buy your items from the window. No need to go down to the store itself and risk being seen by people you know. If you don’t have a car, you can try ordering through phone then just pick up your items later on. The salesperson will already have the items in the bag and you can just get it and pay. Other shoppers won’t be able to see what you bought.

Buy through sensual product consultants

They are just like Tupperware ladies, only they don’t sell plastic kitchen containers. If you are more comfortable buying stuff in the privacy of your own home, you can just contact these consultants and have them drop by. They can bring the item that you have in mind or choose from the ones they bring with them. You can also organize a passion party and have them host it.

Buy online

All you have to do is choose the item, provide your credit card details, and then have the product delivered to your house. Online buying is safe, easy, and discreet.

Check out Glass sex toys


Book vs Movie for 50 Shades of Grey

Why I didn’t post for a while

Different uses for Fingertip Vibrators

Fingertip vibrators are one of the best masturbators for women. It is popular not only because of its silky, small and portable features but because of what it gives beyond women expectation. These handy vibrators have many ways of using it. It is small but terrible because it can produce an intensifying vibration. These are some ways on how to use fingertip vibrators.

Solo Masturbation

For women who love using their fingers and hands for self-pleasuring it is better to use finger vibrator. Finger vibrator will add spice to your daily sex routine. You can put the vibrator on top of your finger for the vibration of your whole fingers, or use it under your finger then start pleasuring yourself.

Couple Masturbation

More pleasure for both of you if the other partner will holds the vibrator and start pleasuring the other one. The more you experiment it to your partner the more you will have fun. There are finger vibrators that fit for couples and it is up to you on which toy you will use.

Blow Job

Make blowjobs extraordinary using finger vibrators. Put the vibrator on the shaft of the penis and let the vibrator help create sensation. The vibrator will make the penis more firm and produces lots of orgasm.
Anal Session. Putting the vibrator on your anal will make you ready for more. It is better to use if you are a first timer in anal playing. The vibrator will give your anal a different satisfaction that you want. Anal vibrator will produce intensifying vibrations that will make you ask for more.


You may get your desired stimulation if you use fingertip vibrators. Fingertip vibrators will add spice to your sex session. Your hand is busy touching your partner’s flesh the other one will use the vibe for an additional stimulation.


Finger vibrators may be substitute of your tongue on pleasuring your vagina. The finger vibe gives exact satisfaction as what your tongue gives. On the other hand, you may also combine your finger vibrator with your tongue for more pleasure.

Variety in finger vibrators

The finger vibrators will be an addition to penetration. It is not just for women but also for men. The penetration that it gives will add excitement to you and to your partner. There are different kinds of fingertip vibrators. There are varieties of colors, sizes and details. It is important if you know what kind of vibe you want to use and what kind will give you comfort.

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Best Sex Toys

When a man or a woman reaches full adulthood, his or her sexual preferences will by then be a matter of personal choice. The individual determines for himself or herself what good sex is all about, and what sex toys they are willing to use or not.

Some sex toys like dildos and vibrators have a universal appeal. All women want them. Men, too. Some sex toys, on the other hand, appeal only to a certain segment of the world’s sexually active men and women. Their needs may be referred to as special, even unusual.

We can liken these people to vegetarians in a world of meat eaters. One group cannot consider themselves “normal” and by implication perceive the other group as abnormal. It’s always a matter of taste and choice.

There are all kinds of sex toys for individuals who hunger for something out of the ordinary. These specialized sex toys and paraphernalia undergo rigid quality control tests to make sure that they are safe, meaning they do not inflict serious or permanent damage to their users. But at the same time, they can still deliver the exquisite pleasures expected of them.

Buying and owning these very special sex toys are easier today than at any time in the past, although there are still a few unfortunate places that consider them illegal. In the years to come, we hope to see any law that regulates what any adult may buy or own overturned. In the meantime, the unique toys are available for the men and women who want them.

How to Shop for a Vibrator

Buying a vibrator should be no different from buying a small home appliance like a toaster, flat iron or vacuum cleaner.

There are many brands in the market and one brand can have several variants. The more expensive the appliance or vibrator, the more features it normally has. The lower-priced ones usually vibrate at a single speed, while the more expensive ones will have several speeds. Does this make a difference? Your call, ma’am, your call.

The high-priced vibrators also tend to be sturdier, so if you expect to use it often then the few extra bucks spent should be worth it.

If budget is not an issue – even the most expensive vibrators are still within reach for most women – go for the branded rather than generic model. Look for one that gives some kind of guarantee just to be sure. Remember that there can be lemons in even the best cars or electronic devices sold because they are manufactured in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

Manufacturers with a track record for quality should provide the best buys, although newcomers to the market will want to grab a slice of the pie by offering more in terms of price or features.

The majority of vibrators sold today are made in China, followed by Western European countries. The US, which introduced the vibrator to the market more than 100 years ago, takes up the tail end of the major vibrator makers.

Is there a best vibrator in the market? Not really. Just as there is no single best car out there, it totally depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

What we can say is that the best vibrator is the one that gives you the greatest pleasure. Take your pick!

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Cheap Dildos Still Do the Job

Just like any consumer product such as watches, blankets or shoes, dildos come in various price ranges. There are expensive, mid-range and cheap dildos.

The cheap dildos are not necessarily the least effective. In fact, they can be just as good as the more expensive varieties. It all depends on the user. Some would actually prefer the cheap dildos because the materials used provide them greater pleasure.

While not too commonly used in the West, the cheapest dildos would be the wooden phallic symbols known in many Asian and African countries. These are used primarily for religious or cultural celebrations, but practical women quickly found a better use for them – personal pleasure.

These wooden phallic symbols give true meaning to the term “woodie.” They are as hard as the hardest erection of the most masculine men. They’re easy enough to maintain. Simple soap and water will do, and they can last for the longest time depending on how the user takes care of this cheap dildo.

Western women who have qualms about using wooden dildos have other options. For those on a tight budget, there are rubber and plastic models. These are basic, no-nonsense dildos with smooth surfaces. They are much cheaper than the silicone or acrylic varieties.

Since they are tools for masturbation, there really is hardly any difference between cheap dildos and expensive dildos. Masturbation is, after all, a subjective experience. The person using the dildo depends more on her imagination to attain orgasm, and less on the tool being used.

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