Review: 10 Function Tantric Chakra Massager

In my seemingly endless quest for the ideal sex toy, we’re here again. We transform our minds and bodies into the vibrator of the bullet. It is possible to use a bullet vibrator on your clit or insert it vaginally. I prefer using my clit bullets. Sometimes I use it for the added pleasure of both of us during sex with my husband. A bullet is a good beginning to your collection or even a good addition to your collection that is already burgeoning.

A bullet was the very first toy I ever attempted, and before I knew what was going on, it reeled me in. I love to be married and I love a collection of toys. Even though it’s a very tiny collection, it’s mine and I really enjoy it. It really surprised me how much more pleasant toys your sex life can create.

It was not the bullet above specifically, although it looks very comparable, except for the “jewels.” It was a great little bullet, but I HAD it was using batteries for watching. I hated it not enough to stop using it. It was a kind of grudging relationship we had between love and hate. Picture me a couple, all right more than a couple years later. I was disappointed with my absence of sex toys, partly due to poor customer service from a source that has not yet been named. I started looking around again for places to buy toys and landed on a beautiful little site that wasn’t going to be named. One thing I noticed was I’ve been attracted to Cal Exotics. Their toys appeared to call me and wonder of wonders, I discovered that a Cal Exotics toy was the beloved bullet I was so hooked on. I started researching more of their toys and discovered that most of the toys I find so enjoyable are Cal Exotics toys as well.

Sorry, I let this tale drone on, but what I wanted to say before I got into this story’s real review is that Cal Exotics is a beautiful business packed with so many fantastic toys. Every toy I have is not Cal Exotics but I might not be here today writing these reviews without the beautiful little bullet that began my magical journey into the universe of sex toys.

Cal Exotics ‘ 10 Function Tantric Chakra Massager has a sweet little design that catches my eye. The one I received at Cal Exotics for review from the beautiful Nichole is a beautiful purple shade. It’s available in red, pink and purple from CalEx. The part of the bullet is 2 inches long and it is possible to insert all that 2 inches. It uses 2 AAA batteries for its patterns that vibrate, escalate and pulsate. The bullet is made of plastic covered with PU. Use hot soap and water or a toy cleaner to clean PU-coated plastic. With this toy, you can use water or silicone-based lubes. Operating is very easy as it has only one button that scrolls through the different levels and turns it off if you hold it down for 3 seconds. At the opposite end, the bullet plugs into the remote where you insert the batteries. The remote over purple plastic has a lovely heart-based design. The handle itself is about a typical cell phone’s length and fits in my hand comfortably.

I’d say the Tantric Chakra Massager is a nice bullet to begin with for inexperienced users. It’s not too powerful vibrations and the patterns can assist you decide what your body loves. For advanced users, I feel this cute little toy simply doesn’t have enough authority to back up.

Level 1- high

Level 2- medium

Level 3- low

Level 4- steady pulsating that reminds one of a revving engine, although not as loud- medium power

Level 5- low continuous buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz

Level 6- high continuous buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz

Level 7- medium continuous vibration

Level 8- medium continuous buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz

Level 9- buzz buzz buzz buzz

Level 10- low continuous vibration

This has insufficient authority to keep me interested for a long time. I also noticed a rather irritating high-pitched whine coming from the lower-level bullet. I don’t mean really high pitched when I say high pitched. It’s a bit intense, I guess what I mean. Intense enough that I don’t believe I could stand to use this during sex, it would destroy the mood for me entirely. If you want a wonderful bullet with a lot of power, the Bound By Diamonds-Diamond Teaser is my favorite right now. It is very strong, operates on 3 AAA batteries and has 5 vibration speeds.

I rate the 10 Function Tantric Chakra Massager a 3.5 on a scale of 1–5 stars. I like how it looks and how simple it can be used. It doesn’t use too many batteries and for the bullets I like it’s just the correct size. It just doesn’t have enough power for me and the different levels didn’t have enough variety.  Oh well, I suppose Diamonds-Diamond Teaser’s back to my Bound for now.