With Babeland’s SenseMotion technology, I was able to request the Insignia Oden and I waited patiently (or patiently tried to wait) for it to arrive. It was very interesting for me to get the Oden in the mail, I never owned a luxury toy before and I was very eager to try it out as quickly as I was able to pry it out. LELO’s Isignia Oden is lovely in one word. It comes beautifully packed with images of the Oden on it in a glossy black cardboard box. It also writes on 2 sides with wording that I assume I’m telling the package’s contents. I assume that none of the texts on these two sides are in English. There was another sturdier box inside the cardboard box that was completely black with only the word LELO printed in the very center of the lid on top. It seemed to be lovingly placed inside it in a black box that would function well for future storage. The box contained in the design of the LELO signature on the top layer, the Oden, the remote, and a small pin. Next to where the Oden rested is a piece of black cardboard that you could lift to find a second layer inside this package. I discovered the plug for charging the Oden in this layer, a plastic key for unlocking the remote, a tiny silky LELO bag for holding my new toy, a personal LELO moisturizer package and several tiny booklets. There was a tiny do & do not list that made recommendations such as-


  • Apply cleaning solution directly to the silicone
  • Charge unit monthly
  • Ensure that interface is locked between uses

Do Not

  • Do not clean with scouring materials or silicone or alcohol based solutions
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Do not use when plugged in or charging
  • Do not boil any component
  • Do not overextend flexible portions of Tiani and Oden
  • Do not use items such as coins or screwdrivers to open controller

Your warranty documentation is the second educational item in the box that comes in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. Products from LELO come with a1-year guarantee and a 10-year guarantee of quality. The1-year warranty covers work pieces affecting the function of the object of pleasure. Keep in mind that you need your receipt and demonstrate that the deficiency occurred within the warranty period to use this warranty. The 10-year warranty is a continuation if the1-year warranty allowing holders of a LELO item that fails after the warranty expires to buy a substitute at 50 percent off the cost mentioned. Customercare@lelo.com can take care of both of these.

The 3rd educational guide for their SenseMotion products is a LELO Isignia handbook. This guide is also available in a number of languages. It teaches the user how to remove the batteries, how to use the remote, how to use each toy and how to charge your toy. Before it can be used, each SenseMotion toy may involve charging.

The first thing you ought to do is pay your Oden. By turning your fingers on the shiny gold portion of the toy and twisting counterclockwise until it breaks, the bottom half of the Oden can be unscrewed. Then you’ll see the place where you can insert your cord to charge the toy. When it’s plugged into the toy and a light flashes on the wall until it charges the toy. Once your toy has been charged, unplug the cord and reconnect your toy by screwing the end piece clockwise until it is fully screwed in.

The Oden has four components you need to know about. The point of enjoyment is at Oden’s tip.  The on / seek button is situated on the top side in the center of the toy. There is the base attachment to show the DC port that you unscrew. The final part is the Oden’s flexible wearable portion.

You must first set up a wireless link from the Oden to the remote to use the Oden with the remote. To switch it on, press the plus(+) sign on the button. To activate your toy and start its search mode, click the turn on / seek button for 1 second. It could bring the Oden to find the remote for up to 10 seconds. When the remote is located, it will flash continuously every 2 seconds to show that the wireless controller is operating and getting a signal. There are two methods on the remote. Mode 1 is active when holding the remote flat in your hand palm. This causes a small vibration that both on the ground and on the Oden can be felt. Tilting will alter the intensity of the vibration. Holding it flat places the vibration at an intensity of 10% and turning the remote at an angle of approximately 45-90 degrees shifts the intensity to 100%. By clicking the center button, which looks like an eye, the second mode is accessible. Press the same button you use to turn it on and hold it for 2-4 seconds to turn the Oden off. If not in use, LELO advises locking the remote. Press the minus-) (sign to turn the button off until all vibrations are stopped. Hold the plus and minus sign for about 4 seconds to lock it. This guarantees that if you are not prepared to use it, the remote will not turn on.

Whew, I need a little nap after going through the handbook. I wasn’t really in the mood to use it after its adequate use, but at a later date I was keen to use it. I took the Oden out of his box a few days later and was ready to have some fun with the husband. I used only another Type 1 toy when I used PicoBong’s Koa. What is truly happening is a LELO business. One of my complaints with the Koa was that they were unable to use it as a cock ring for their planned purpose. I didn’t have the Oden issue. It fit very comfortably around my husband and during using the Oden we had several pleasant encounters.

I admit I prefer the second mode on the Oden after attempting the Oden. It was very pleasant to use and although it didn’t have the authority I prefer, it was a excellent complement to our fun moment since we used it as a cock ring.  I would recommend adding a vibrator or dildo if you wanted to use this toy solo because it wasn’t as pleasant when using the Oden alone. I would use several points on a scale 1-5 to get my general score of satisfaction.

5 of 5 stars for the design and texture

3 of 5 stars for the power ( mainly the second mode)

5 of 5 stars because of the warranty/guarantee

5 of 5 stars for compatibility

Overall, I was very pleased with the item as well as how safe I feel when buying future LELO products. I offer 4 out of 5 stars to the LELO Insignia Oden and that lost star is primarily because I prefer more authority in my toys. I’d gladly shell out the cash for a toy of this caliber because of the other characteristics, even with the reduced energy. LELO is a business I’m going to keep looking for creative products. I’m so pleased with my Oden. It was cleaned very easily. The Oden is made of silicone and plastic, making cleaning very simple. To clean the Oden, I used hot water and soap. I didn’t use a lube but make sure it’s a water-based lubricant if you want to use one.