Review: Jopen Intensity

I’m sure you understand how bad this thing I wanted! So many times I’ve written about it! I’ve been endorsed for evaluation by Jopen and I was ecstatic! The time it took from approving me to delivering it seemed like months! However, it was only about 2 weeks. The intensity was initially developed to enhance the vagina’s elasticity, but they discovered during testing that not only did it automatically generate kegels, but many of the females testing it said they had intense orgasms that seemed never to stop.

I’m not the tightest lady in the globe after having kids, and I always forget to do my kegels. I tried Ben Wa Balls and tightening creams, it seemed like nothing worked. I KNOW I had to create it mine as quickly as I heard of the Jopen Intensity! I didn’t really care if it didn’t give me the intense orgasms I heard so many others talking about, I just wanted to loosen up a little bit. From what I read, at about 2 weeks of use, many women began to notice huge differences. And so started my tests.

Day 1–I lubbed it with the associated electrogel, inserted it and pumped it a little bit to inflate it. Then I turned on the power. I read women’s reviews saying they couldn’t make it past level 4 or 5 (there are 10 levels of intensity), so I was a bit nervous and began at level one. I didn’t feel anything, so I bumped it up a knot…. nothing at stage 2, let’s proceed to level 3, it has to be near to the point of break. NOPE, nothing at Level 3…. this continued through Level 10. I’m NOTHING! So, being very confused, I decided to remove it and put it to the test on my hand, because, well, it should be broken! OH NO! I felt that on my side! Level 3 was agonizing on my side! So, then I figured I might just be looser than I thought or something and decided in a couple of days that I’d feel something.

That was day 1 morning, and I spent about 30 minutes using it. I thought I’d use it before bed as well, but also try the vibrations to see if I’d get those intense orgasms. No luck, so I switched off the vibration and waited for the 30 minutes to come to an end. I fell asleep on level 10 instead! I ended up using it that night for about an hour and a half. When I went rolling around, I woke up and felt it between my legs. O.O. I was very confused that I couldn’t feel it inside me, so I put my finger next to the Intensity, and I felt contractions, so I WAS doing what it was supposed to have, I just didn’t feel it.

So, every day and night I continued to use the Jopen Intensity for at least 30 minutes (and yes, I slept a few more times) for 2 weeks. Master is completely honest with me, so I knew that if I asked him if I felt closer to him or not, he wouldn’t lie. The reply? No. He noticed no distinction, nor did I.

For a complete month, day and night, and STILL no tightness shift, no orgasms, nothing! I don’t know…. I’ve been so hyped by this toy that I’ve been crushed with no outcomes all this time.

I decided I wouldn’t waste my time on this toy anymore, so it was all I gave it for a month. Other females reported outcomes in two weeks, so I gave my time enough, and it let me down.

This toy’s exterior layer is a smooth silicone that’s secure for the body. The fabric has no texture. The shaft and rabbit are made of silicone, the handle is made of silicone-coated ABS plastic, the electro-ads are made of stainless steel and the ABS plastic inflation release button and battery cap. No portion of this toy is smelling.

With 5′′ of that insertable, the Jopen Intensity is about 12′′ long. It’s a “rabbit” style, so it’s about 2.5′′ long with a vibrating “finger” on it, overlapping the shaft with about 2′′. You will discover a second vibrator for inner stimulation in this same on the shaft if you want to switch on the vibrations. You will discover a 1.75′′ electro-plate on each side at about 2.5′′ from the base of the shaft. The shaft is deflated around 4.5′′, but it inflates to around 6′′.

The toy’s handle has five buttons on it, the middle top one is the energy button. The others will operate correctly once that’s on. Looking at the image above, the top left button is the “Down” and “Off” button of the electro-shock when you scroll through stages of intensity. For greater intensities, the one right below it is the “up” button. It also works as the electricity “On” button. It glows red the first time you push it, it pulses red the second time. Odd numbered concentrations are a red light, a red light pulses even numerated concentrations. The same applies to the toy’s correct side; the top button is the “Down” and “Off” buttons, and the bottom button is the “On” and “Up” buttons, remember that while you’re using them, these controls will face the other direction, so they make more sense when you look at them that way. There are 5 distinct vibration intensities, with the strongest being ALMOST as powerful as a Pocket Rocket. It was fairly noisy on top of that.

When this toy is on the side, all I can think of is that it looks like a person, it’s about taking a bite from his sandwich…. maybe I’m twisted?

This “man’s ass” is where you squeeze the shaft to inflate. You press the black button on the back of “his” to deflate it.

There’s a screw cap on the bottom (in the “man’s crotch, if you like) to keep the batteries in. And right above that there’s a small hole, where the air is let in and out of the shaft.

The intensity of Jopen requires 3 AAA batteries and is NOT waterproof. On this toy, the “Rabbit” has 2 “fingers” and a “thumb,” with two on the top and the thumb on the bottom.

The section where the handle connects to the shaft is not seamless, which honestly worries me, as you can’t really clean the groove inside. Which takes me to this toy for cleaning. Cleaning up is NOT simple. This is due to the shaft’s ridges. To make cleaning simpler, you need to inflate it and pay close attention to all the small nooks and crannies. Using toy wipes, I had to wrap them around my nail to get into this toy’s lower places. You could also use your favourite toy cleaner, as it is silicone, or a 10 percent bleach solution. You don’t want to boil this, however, or bring it in your dishwasher, or plunge it into any liquid, or your $250 toy will be dead… remember, it’s NOT waterproof.

Before I begin, I want to mention that straight from Jopen I received my Intensity.

Honestly, I don’t care about discreet packages, but I understand a lot of individuals are doing it, so I have to point out that this box came in, VERY CLEARLY said “Jopen Intensity” on three sides of the box! So, if this is a problem for you, I don’t suggest ordering straight from Jopen. For a more discreet alternative, take it from a retail store.

Would you like to learn the kicker? You can’t buy the 2 oz electrogel tube that comes with it individually! They are not selling refills! But for about $9.99, you can get a 4 oz tube from Fetish Fantasies.

I noticed the silicone bubbling up after a while. Getting a nice image of it was really difficult, but I believe you can see it in the image below.