I have loved glass – SERIOUSLY! I understand that I was so afraid when I first heard about glass toys. I mean, what if when I was using them, they broke? Thing is, they’re not going to! To break one of these poor guys, you would have to be in some heavy shit! I mean, I dropped them on the ground, put them on the rails of the bed and smashed them to the table without breaking them. Not that I believe you’re supposed to do anything like that, take care of your toys, put them back when you’re finished playing with them…. remember all the crap your mom told you when you were little?

Glass toys are as stubborn as hell, making some prodding really fun! The Hand-Blown Inked Glass Probe is my favorite right now! It’s a multi-purpose tool that makes you feel so great! This dildo’s head is good for vaginal use and has a good angle so you can get straight to your G-Spot! The other hand has balls on it, making an anal toy AMAZING!

Glass is also a good material for dildos as they begin cool, then warm up to the temperature of your body. You can run it warmly under hot water as well, both are amazing fucking sensations!

I discovered the Rainbow Nubby Wand hurts somehow when I fuck it from the front, but the anal stimulation I get from this toy is out of the country!

Another nice thing about glass is that you can use whatever type of lube you want. You should not use a silicone-based lube if you use a silicone dildo. However, if I have to use a water based lube, my favourite lube is based on silicone, so I actually weep a little bit. Okay, that’s a lie, I’m going to use it anyway, but I really prefer something else to Wet Platinum Bodyglideover!

And, I think their price is the best thing about glass! Sure, you’ll find some awkwardly scandalous prices, but you’ll also find a lot at less than $25! Don’t you want to spend so much? Yeah, I’m not responsible for you! That’s why I offer you a 15% off code to use! Make sure to use code when checking out: TX5 and save 15 percent on your entire order!