Our bodies are in a state of constant flux – some things get worse, and we get old, and other things improve with age. I’ve learned that the way we experience sexual pleasure is never static. We may think that this is the way we like sex, this is the way we reach orgasm, but change one thing (often the partner) and our whole sexual experience changes.


I’m living my sexual peak right now. It’s been steadily building over the last 5 years since I got divorced. I became multi-orgasmic when I met my current partner. I mean that, with him, I never have only one orgasm – always at least 5. He always asks, “Is Madame fully satisfied, or does she require more orgasms?” Now, one more miracle has happened. I can report that I am now officially, a reliable, regular member of the squirting brigade! I had always hoped that one day I would become a squirter, but I thought that after reaching the age of 45, if I hadn’t really squirted (there were a couple of times in the past when it may have happened but I couldn’t repeat the experiment), then I could probably never claim the squirting badge. Now, it happens predictably when conditions are right – and I’m talking about proper gushing of anything from one shot glass to half a cup of liquid here – and I couldn’t be happier! I also have to launder a lot more towels…

Copyright @pigolin, inspired by my dirty fantasies

Most women, and men, are fascinated by the almost mythical phenomenon of female ejaculation. Porn would have us believe that squirting is a regular, natural thing for all women. This, in turn, leads less experienced lovers to try to make every women squirt and then feel disappointed if they don’t. Anecdotally, most men tell me that it’s quite rare. I’ve seen friends at sex parties gush and it’s been quite a spectacle to witness. But what exactly is squirting all about? Where does the liquid come from? If it’s not urine, what is it? Do all women have the capacity to squirt? So many questions, so much myth. And so little research.


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